Alyssa Jefferies, CFRE / January 08, 2018

I used to spend hours running queries and preparing reports for Board meetings. I know many development professionals who are scrambling right now to prepare report after report for their CEO and Board to review final 2017 numbers… but what if there was an easier way to quickly get at the metrics that matter most and more effectively measure your fundraising success? What if you could get industry experts to review with you your organization's key metrics and help you put together a personalized Action Plan to maximize your fundraising efforts in 2018?

Perhaps your overall revenue was down in 2017, but do you know why?

  • Did you miss out on a few key major gifts?
  • Did you lose more lapsing donors in 2017 than you acquired new donors?
  • Did your average gift drop from previous years?

If you’re like many development professionals and are digging to find answers, we'd love to have you join us here in Chicago for our one-day Donor Action Plan Workshop: Know your Numbers -- Hit your Goals on February 15. Join the teams from Meyer Partners and DonorTrends to get to the heart of your revenue trends. Every registered organization will receive a FREE DonorTrends Masterfile Audit and Action Plan that will help identify current challenges and will drive our workshop toward reaching your goals. This easy-to-read report provides you with quick snapshots to better understand challenges at your nonprofit.

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For example, is your “Donor Bucket” leaking too many lapsing donors? Are the new donors gained in 2017 making up for those lapsing donors so the revenue won’t suffer? And also, how do we reacquire those lapsing donors who used to be loyal to your organization?

Or maybe you are lucky and you already know exactly what the problem is at your organization – maybe it is a lack of new donors – but now what? Where do you find new donors to feed your pipeline not only for annual gifts, but also for mid-level and major gifts?

Our team members are not only savvy marketers, but are also experienced and certified fundraising executives, who have spent years in the field – in your shoes. We understand the nuances of a development department and are here to help you prepare an action plan for the best steps moving forward in 2018. Join us on February 15 and prepare yourself to hit your goals in 2018.

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If this sounds like something you could use, but you can’t join us on February 15 for this customized workshop, contact us at to learn how we can help you evaluate your key metrics and build a donor action plan to hit your goals in 2018